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Last Friday, CAPUMA, along with the rest of the associations of the Capilano Business and Professional Society, hosted a Virtual Winter Mixer for all students of Cap U to enjoy.

After what has been a stressful and tumultuous Fall Semester, an event like the Winter Mixer, where students can unwind, relax, and be themselves, was crucial to have in sustaining social engagement among peers in our digital campus. Due to the pandemic, the majority of classes at Capilano University have been taking place

This was the first CBPS virtual event that utilized the Discord communication platform. Mainly used for gaming communication, Discord allows users to seamlessly transition from room to room, providing the attendees with a non-linear experience.

Preplanning for the event involved the commitment of the CBPS student leaders. They would meet on a regular basis to discuss the logistics and feasibility of the virtual event. Topics such as: food delivery for guests, the structure and agenda of the mixer, marketing, and overall value were of the common subjects discussed. For CAPUMA's involvement with the Virtual Winter Mixer, they spearheaded advertising and marketing for the event. which was no surprise at all. Led by CAPUMA's Director of Social Media, Luis Goncalves, CAPUMA ran a successful marketing campaign for the event.

Mc'ed by CAPUMA President Terrence Alanis, and CAPUMA Director of Events Dara Di Rocco, the event had over 50 students attending the event.

Games included Jackbox, Among Us, Kahoot!, and a scavenger hunt that helped students forge new friendships with each other. Over $400 in prizes were also given away.

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