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The Capilano University Marketing Association is supported by various partnerships and sponsorships, which helps in the development and growth of every CAPUMA member. These partnerships offer networking opportunities for our members, allowing them to learn valuable knowledge about the marketing industry. Our affiliation with the British Columbia American Marketing Association allows us to attend and volunteer in workshops and events throughout the lower mainland.

CAPUMA is sponsored by PH&N Institutional. An RBC company, PH&N Institutional excels in their services of portfolio and asset management. Their efforts and dedication towards their clients have led them to be named a Greenwich Quality Leader in Canadian Institutional Investment Management Service. We are very grateful for their support, as their generosity has allowed us to attend and compete in the AMAICC in New Orleans in every Spring. 

To learn more about being a sponsor/partner for the CAPUMA, visit the Sponsorships page by clicking here

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Building Corporate Connections

Our Focus:

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