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We hold bi-weekly meetings that are open to the public where we discuss a range of marketing-related topics, learn career best-practices and preparation, and take part in marketing-skills workshops. All are welcome to attend these and grow your knowledge and peer network.

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In October, AMA collegiate Chapters all across North America host Marketing Week, a week-long series of local events that promote education and skills development in the vast field of marketing. Marketing week includes daily events for students to attend.

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We seek to give our student membership their strongest start into their careers and so we are hosting networking events, inviting local and regional marketing industry professionals so that our members can gain relationships with the very people who can springboard them into successful careers.

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Regional Collegiate Competitions and AMA hosts a series of collegiate competitions throughout the school year. These competitions test your skills in sales, marketing analysis, presentation, creative design, and more. Apart from local competitions, most of these take place, or at least the finals do, at the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans in April.



The American Marketing Association holds the annual International Collegiate Conference (ICC) in early April of every year in New Orleans where all collegiate AMA chapters are invited to represent their schools and gain invaluable experiences. This event includes workshops, speakers, competitions, career fairs, and networking, all the while being surrounded by the unique and joyous New Orleans downtown French Quarter.

Our Focus:

Our Focus:

At CAPUMA, we consider networking with individuals to be a valuable asset in the marketing industry. Because of this, we pride ourselves on creating, promoting, and attending events for the potential to connect with others. Whether it is students or industry professionals, building a portfolio of connections can lead to opportunities to extract useful information from others, and to collaborate on ambitious endeavors.

Our goal is to make our events engaging with anyone. We strive to create an atmosphere of comradery, inclusiveness, and knowledge within our events.

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