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Student Marketers of September and October

Presenting the marketers of the month for September and October.

September’s marketer of the month is Linh Ha, and October’s marketer of the month is Sierra Siciliano!

Linh is a business administration student and a student liaison of CAPUMA. Since the fall semester, Linh has done phenomenal work with her internship with OLOGY, a startup company focused on inspiring people to strive for more than what is considered "reasonable", and to create a positive influence that helps people live their lives truly.

Sierra is a business administration student and is the team lead for the 2020-2021 AMA case team. Her leadership skills, preparation, and dedication towards AMA’s case competition have helped this year’s case team reach various objectives as the deadline for the AMA case competition moves closer.

Congratulations to both Linh and Sierra for their outstanding efforts!

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