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In the amidst of everything that has been recently happening, some great news for the team are here. CAPUMA while competing against 350+ collegiate chapters has been able to receive several awards since Sep 2019. Once again the team has been able to see what they are capable of achieving. From a team of 3 people to a team of 22.

  1. The first award which was recently given by the AMA to CAPUMA was Small Chapter of the Year Award in recognition for its dedication and quality work

  2. The Case Competition Team was able to achieve the position of semi-finalist

  3. There were three CAPUMA semifinalists in the Outbound Sales Competition

  4. Second place in Faculty Market Place Simulation

5. First place in SABRE competition, first place in Mini Case Competition and second place in

Market Simulation at the British Columbia Marketing Association (BCITMA) Regional


In the photo (CAPUMA Management team) left to right. Gabriel Maciel, Manager of Admin Support; Grace Hardman, Director of Social Media; Clare Mathiesen, Student Liaison; Josh Fairfield, Director of Events; Rebecca Lyoba, Director of Design; Terrence Alanis, VP of Marketing; Harshleen Kaur, Director of Partnerships; Jesús López, President; Dara Di Rocco, Student Liaison; Jasluv Brar, Student Liaison; Lisa Evans, Student Liaison; Jay Mander, Director of Finance; Stephanie Davidson, Director of External Relations).

Lower photo (Case Competition Team), left to right. Vanessa Parrota Case Team Lead, Samantha Wong, Athina Kunschner, Paul Savluc, Christopher Robanske, and Jay Herbsen.

It was a great year indeed for CAPUMA regardless of the cancelation of assistance to the AMAICC 2020.

Stay tuned for more great accomplishments from the future team!

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