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Legal Marketing Association Panel (CAPUMA / BCITMA / UBCMA / SFUMA)

The CAPUMA team had a great time assisting to an incredible panel by LMA (Legal Marketing Association) at Blakes Legal Group. It was the first event when CAPUMA alongside SFUMA (SFU Marketing Association), UBCMA (UBC Marketing Association) and BCITMA (BCIT Marketing Association) participated in an event together.

In the photo left to right (Jonatan Dickie- Client Relations & Event Coordinator | Alexa Kingsmith - Marketing & Business Development Coordinator | Claire Walker - Marketing and Business Development Manager | Sharon Murray - Business Development & Marketing Professional | Susan Van Dyke - | Hunter Van Dyke - President of BCITMA | Liam McDonald - SFUMA President | Jesús López - CAPUMA President | Ethan Fernandes - UBCMA President)

Students learned what it takes to be successful in the Legal sector when it comes to marketing and branding. Also how EQ and cultural intelligence plays a crucial role at the moment of closing a contract. This great panel was facilitated by Susan Van Dyke (Principal at Van Dyke Marketing and Communications).

Looking forward to more joint events

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