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Join us with Marketing Week (Oct 4th - Oct 8th)

Join us on Oct 4th - 7th for workshops on Canva, and Local business Covid-19 updates, and an ad campaign contest with amazing prizes!

About this event

MARKETING WEEK CAMPAIGN (29 TH - 8TH) Take part in our marketing week’s informative events and stand a chance to win incredible prizes! The first ONLINE session will commence on (5th &7th) Oct. The competition winner has a chance to win $75 worth of Amazing prizes. The announcement of the marketing week winners will be posted on the CAPUMA Social Media page! Winners will be announced on Friday, Oct 8th.

MARKETING WEEK - (BIRCH LOUNGE) 1st Booth: Wednesday, 29th Sept.(11:00 am – 3:00 am) Promoting Marketing Week 2nd Booth: Monday, 4th Oct. (11:00 am – 3:00 am) Promoting Marketing Week

WORKSHOP CANVA - ONLINE (5TH OCT) link: Join us Tuesday, Oct. 5th at 5:00 PM for a special workshop on everything Canva - from how to get new tips for designing using Canva with our CAPUMA Media members. With Linh Ha (CAPUMA President), Hanna Thomson (CAPUMA Content creator), and Katherine (CAPUMA Content creator). There will be a short Kahoot game at the end where participants can have chances to win $25 gift cards (3 gift cards in total)

WORKSHOP "HOW LOCAL BUSINESS SURVIVE THROUGH COVID" - ONLINE (7TH OCT) link: Join us Thursday, Oct 7th at 10:00 AM for an informative session about Covid updates on how LOCAL BUSINESS SURVIVE THROUGH COVID, with our guest speaker Bram Rutherford Business Manager of Coast Outdoors. An interview will be held with Bram Rutherford where he will take us through his enlightening business story, and how they managed to survive through the pandemic of COVID -19. There will be a short Kahoot game at the end where participants can have chances to win $25 gift cards (3 gift cards in total). The CAPUMA T-Shirt Competition is NOW ACCEPTING submissions!

Call for Submissions Students are encouraged to design a t-shirt that represents CAPUMA. T-shirt voting will occur during marketing week (October 4 – 8). The winning T-shirt design individual/team will receive a $75 Amazon Gift card. Guidelines: All students competing in the Chapter T-Shirt Competition must submit an image/photo (front and back of the t-shirt) via email to before October 8th, 2021, at 12:00 pm PST. Please use the t-shirt template attached below. Design Rules & Guidelines:

  • T-shirt designs should capture the CAPUMA spirit.

  • T-shirt designs should include the name “CAPUMA”

  • T-shirt designs must be original and may not include or contain any copyright material or images

  • One T-shirt design submission per person or team

  • No late entry submissions will be accepted after the deadline date

  1. Below is the link for signing up for the competition:

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