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Getting Your Foot at the Door - SPRING ALUMNI 2020

Last Thursday students were able to learn invaluable tips into how to get their foot at the door before and after graduation. From never giving up on the search of your dream job, to never stop learning and the importance of self teaching market-needed skills.

This was an specially great event because Charlene Hills, current Chair of Capilano University School of Business decided to once again show her support for CAPUMA and giving a brief speech about accomplishing CapU School of business goals and the importance of getting involved. Thank you to Grant Daisley former member and founder of CAPUMA, Arianne Liu former CAPUMA president, and Bishoy Riad former CAPUMA member.

The CAPUMA team would also like to extend their gratitude to its sponsors Don Chendo Mexican Products, Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce, Nexx Gen IO, and CapU School of Business.

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