Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our CAPUMA team was unable to attend the annual conference in New Orleans, but we were still able to be rewarded for our efforts in the collegiate case competitions, and marketplace simulations, as well as for promoting and improving our brand equity of that year.

Top 5 Small Chapters of the Year

AMA Collegiate Case Competition - Semi-Finalists:

Chris Robanske, Jay Herbsen, Paul Salvuc, Vanessa Parrotta, Samantha Wong, Athina Kunschner, Taylor Seganfreddo

AMA Faculty Marketplace Simulation - 2nd Place
Andrea Eby

AMA Outbound Sales Competition - Semi-Finalist:

 Taylor Seganfreddo, Karim Moodad, Emilio Haneine


2020 AMAICC Regional Conference

March 14th-17th, 2020


BCITMA 8th Regional Conference

January 25th, 2020

CAPUMA was able to successfully secure several competitions at the 8th Annual BCITMA Regional Conference.

1st Place for SABRE: Jesús López, Michael Hoy, and Paula Gomez

1st Place for Case Competition for Disability Foundation: Athina Kunschner, Jay Herbsen, and Samantha Wong

2nd Place for Market Place Simulation: Dara Di Rocco, Terrence Alanis, and Jay Mander